Vincular (Digital Download)


The debut album from Ron Jappy.

"The premise of this project was to create a record coordinated, arranged and drawn together from the viewpoint of an accompanist. My passion is enhancing a work and shaping its musical identity; taking it to the next stage of its life as it were. Through my role as an accompanist, I have brought together a collection of musicians to create an album of unique perspective."

1. Trouble [5:12]
2. From The East [3:59]
3. Ashley Park [4:16]
4. Mairead Nan Cuiread [4:08]
5. A Day To Remember [3:57]
6. Northburn Creek [5:37]
7. Shallom [5:05]
8. Interlude [1:07]
9. Tactical Penguin [6:43]
10. A Place Called Home [3:41]